The first phase: reuse

In phase one, we visually inspect all equipment and components to determine their path. All reusable items are sent to our recovery divisions for data sanitization, testing and/or refurbishment and resale. Marketable materials then enter our global sales network for reuse in full compliance with industry certifications, regulatory standards and data security requirements.

The second phase: recovery

If the equipment or components fail inspection and are deemed unmarketable, they are sent to the recovery phase. Recovery processing includes disinfection, data fabrication or destruction, and dismantling so that individual components can be collected for reuse or re-manufacturing.

The third phase: recycling

Those materials that are deemed unsuitable for any kind of reuse or resale are sent to the recycling phase. After being disinfected to the maximum extent possible, the materials are dismantled and completely separated into metals, plastics, cables, cards, etc. so that they can be used to manufacture new products.