Data Security Policy

E-Cycling Puerto Rico is committed to providing a secure environment for data bearing devices that could contain personally identifiable data of our customers, clients and partners.  E-Cycling Puerto Rico strives for continual improvement of its products and services related to data security and protection. Our Data Security Policy demonstrates our commitment to the following:

  1. Prohibits unauthorized individuals from accessing or handling equipment containing data, and
  2. Christian Cruz is assigned as Data Protection Representative with the overall responsibility and authority for the E-Cycling’s data security and legal compliance, including oversight of all related duties otherwise assigned, and
  3. Mandates reporting of known and suspected breaches of security and data to the Data Protection Representative, and
  4. Requires completed training and confidentiality agreements prior to individual authorization to handle equipment containing data, and
  5.  Identifies penalties for non-compliance with the policy, including personal liability.
    1. First offense will require retraining to the company policy; and 
    2. A second offense will result in termination of employment.
  6. All workers shall be trained regularly and verified to be competent on these policies and procedures for data security, consistent with their level of authorization.