Our Company

Our Mission:

At E -Cycling, we are dedicated to conserve the environment by serving our customers handling their materials through responsible recycling creating value and exceeding the highest standards of compliance, safety, efficiency and costs.

Our Vision:

To become the most reliable and competitive company achieving our goals through the needs of our customers, improving our processes based on customer needs, education , the welfare of our employees , social responsibility and good corporate image.

Our Environmental Policy

The management and all who work at E-Cycling Puerto Rico are committed to care for the environment, responsible recycling and continual improvement.

E-Cycling Puerto Rico ensures that all its activities are carried out in conformance with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements. We will reduce landfill by recycling, minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, reduce harmful emissions and, where possible, to work with suppliers who themselves have sound environmental policies.

E-Cycling Puerto Rico will observe all applicable legal requirements and other requirements which relate to environmental aspects. An essential feature of the environmental management system is a commitment to improving environmental performance. This is achieved by setting annual operational controls for objectives and targets, which are regularly monitored and reviewed. The objectives and targets are publicized throughout the organization, and all staff are committed to their achievement.

In order to ensure the achievement of the above commitments, E-Cycling Puerto Rico will implement an environmental management system that satisfies the requirements of ISO 14001:2004.

This policy and the obligations and responsibilities required by the environmental management system have been communicated to all employees. The Policy is available to the public on request.